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Kelly Cantwell, Physics and Astronomy

Kelly Cantwell
Kelly Cantwell, Physics and Astronomy PhD student

My undergraduate studies were done at Skidmore College where I graduated with a degree in physics.  My M.S. in Physics and Astronomy was here at Dartmouth, and I am now a PhD candidate in the same department.  Throughout my time in the field of physics, I have worked on a broad array of topics, studying all the way from the very small (transference of information and energy between single particles) up to the very tall (mapping the overall large-scale structure of the universe itself).  My current work lands somewhere in between, as I’m now studying particle precipitation in Earth’s magnetosphere. I am very passionate about science and science education, so I am really looking forward to working with the SEPA team on this project! Apart from science, I enjoy baking, playing music, and kayaking out on the lake near campus.