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Caitlyn Lee, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Caitlyn Lee in team shirt

I'm Caitlyn and I'm a third year PhD student in Psychological and Brain Sciences. I grew up in Boulder, Colorado before coming to Dartmouth. In undergrad I studied computer science and psychology and now I’m able to combine the two to study something that we all do every single day: interacting with other people. Whether that’s talking to your friends at lunch or working with classmates on a group project, we’re constantly engaging in conversation and connecting with those around us. Something I’m super interested in is social networks; imagine you have a piece of string connecting you to each of your friends, with you holding one end and your friend the other. Now, think of your friends also having strings linking them to their own friends. This web of connections, like a giant friendship spiderweb, is what we call a social network. I’m particularly interested in how these large networks form and change over time.