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Unit 3 — Climate Change

This final news segment introduces climate impacts on the environment that produces disease vectors.

Big Question(s): What is the difference between weather and climate? How is climate changing? How are changes to climate affecting ticks? How are changes to climate affecting humans?

Links Driving Question
Climate Vocabulary Quick-write Questions: Climate

Climate Lesson 1: 

What is the difference between climate and weather?
Climate Lesson 2: 
GHG Lab Teacher Setup Guide
Lesson 2 - Assessment Sheet

How does the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide contribute to the warming climate?
Virtual Lesson Support Video
OPTIONAL VIDEO: All About Albedo

Climate Lesson 3:
Climate Lesson 3 Assessment
What is my carbon footprint?

Climate Lesson 4:
Step By Step Guide for Finding Historical Weather
Historical Weather Data Hanover and Phoenix
Climate Lesson 4 - Historical Climate Change - Graphs and Figures

How has climate changed over time?

Climate Lesson 5: 
Tick Game Recording Sheet & Exit Questions
GameCards-2010- Salmon Deck
GameCards-1950- Blue Deck
Card Conversion Chart

What factors drive the increasing prevalence of tick-borne illnesses and their spread to previously unaffected areas?
Virtual Lesson Support Video
Climate Lesson 6: 
Ticks in the Future handout
What does the future look like for tick populations, Lyme disease, and climate given the current trends?

Climate Supplemental  
Supplmental Lesson
Ticks in Cold Environments Handout

How do ticks keep warm during the cold New England winters?
Virtual Lesson Support Video
Virtual Lesson Support Video 2